Galaxy Runes Pro

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Rune Spreads & Rune Dictionary Browser

Runes is a system of divination used by the ancient vikings similar to tarot and i-ching. Galaxy Runes provides Rune drawing, Rune Spreads and a Rune Dictionary Browser.

* Draw a single rune or choose from one of ten rune spreads. Each spread can be used to ask different sorts of questions. Zoom and pan in spread view.

* Browse all the runes by title or rune image and view their individual meanings.

* Rune of the Day homescreen widget.

* Save your rune spreads.

* Save own notes for each rune.

* Optional reverse runes.

* Optional Wyrd (blank) rune.

* 10 background theme options or use Android live wallpaper.

Please email any feedback or suggestions. We appreciate appstore ratings but cannot respond there. We always answers our emails and are happy to help with any issues.

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